About me

Old: 27
Weight: 58 kg
Height: 178 cm

Breast size: 2
Language: cz, en
Hair color: brown

Lion is the king of the animal kingdom
I am Elisa his queen.
Your desires and dreams do not make you better than the queen
Experience and life allowed me to become a Queen.
The Cleopatra conquered Egypt and the Roman Empire.
I have dominated the realm of lesbian porn.
I am the ruler of the realm of fetish, BDSM and SM.
I will be the Queen everywhere I want to rule
If you belong to the elite, then I’m your only choice.

Elisa your queen

Book me at +420 776 201 666

My offer

  • Classic aroma massage
  • Honey massage
  • Erotic massage
  • I massage men, women, couples
  • Massage for women
  • Body massage (elbows, thighs, belly, buttocks, breasts)
  • Footjob, lapdance, piss and prostate massage for extra charge

What do I like?

  • Come with smile
  • Come back to me often 🙂
  • I like chocolate
  • I like flowers

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